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The practical 'how to' solution that makes inclusion possible for everyone.

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Introducing your Include™ Inclusion and Diversity Experts: Amira, Nick, Jaheem, & Renn


They are dedicated to helping you and everyone else make inclusive decisions in real-time, reduce discrimination, and create an environment where diversity can thrive. And with the added benefit of being available anytime you need them.

If on the off change the team don't know the information you're after, they can connect you to one of our human advisors who are on stand-by for a confidential chat to assist you.

IncludeTM Chat

Give your employees the answers they need, when they need them. Chatting with our inclusion and diversity experts allows your employees to quickly and easily get the information they need to make inclusive decisions in real-time.

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Chat features 
  • Real-time answers to any question about diversity and inclusion

  • Educational bite-sized and highly focused responses

  • On-demand expert human experts on standby

  • Suggestions for relevant and related topics and information

  • Answers specific to your organization and an employee's role and location

IncludeTM Knowledge Center

Give your employees the knowledge and tools they need to make inclusive decisions. 


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When you, your employees, your students, or even your board want to learn more, the Include™ Knowledge Center has all the information to help everyone make inclusion the way work is done - leading to a fully inclusive, diverse, and profitable organization. 

Include™ provides you with practical tips and advice on how to make ways of working inclusively, but also who should be accountable, why it’s important and when it should be considered. The Include™ Knowledge Center is your trusted source on how to apply inclusive decision-making to all your ways of working.


Knowledge Center Topics 

Here are just a tiny sample of the topics you'll have access to in each of the 6-pillars of your organizational system:

  • Inclusive Strategy & Implementation, like how to measure the lead and lag indicators of inclusion.

  • Operations, like how to create inclusive processes and procedures.

  • Products & Services, like how to provide inclusive customer service.

  • Employee Lifecycle, like how to conduct an inclusive job interview.

  • Actions & Behaviors, like how to hold others to account for inclusion.

  • Social Impact, like how to demonstrate social responsibility in your supply chain.

Include also provides a calendar of diversity and inclusion events, facts and figures about diversity and inclusion, and links to information about the anti-discrimination laws in your country or state.

And, if you want to learn more about people who are different from yourself, we’ve interviewed a mix of people with different lived-experience who can share with you, first-hand, their individual experiences and what they need to be included.

IncludeTM Admin Dashboard

Discover how your people are using Include™ and communicate the information they need to make their decisions and actions inclusive.


Include admin dashboard


Our interactive dashboard becomes your hub for all things inclusive, giving you insight into usage and commonly asked topics, all while protecting the privacy of your employees. You will also receive an in-depth summary with usage data, trends, and insights tailored just for your organization.

Admin Dashboard features 
  • See your organization’s usage metrics and filter by department, role, or location.

  • Discover what, collectively, your people are most interested in learning about.

  • Craft messages directing employees to specific content within the Knowledge

  • Center or with information about any type of event impacting inclusion and diversity.

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