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How NOT to plan your inclusion and diversity initiatives

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One of the most basic business strategy mistakes is simply failing to integrate strategy with existing operational plans. You may have the best ideas in the world, but if you can't integrate them with your organization's day-to-day operations, they simply won't help. So if every initiative or tactic you have in your inclusion plan is a bolt-on initiative that people will only do if they have "the time," you don't have an inclusive strategy at all.


You will inhibit diversity and inclusion from becoming systemic to your organization's culture and its way of doing business if you; 

  • plan your strategy based on the "good ideas" of a small number of people
  • plan initiatives by attempting to replicate what other companies are doing
  • plan your streams of work based on individual identities or labels
  • plan activities on favored (or popular) underrepresented groups
  • plan actions to address the needs of the loudest voices
  • plan around the annual calendar of International days of celebration of the various labels

So don't plan your inclusion and diversity initiatives that way! Instead you need to apply the Include™ Approach.

By applying the Include™ Approach you will make systemic changes to your organization's culture and its way of doing business by; 

  • planning your strategy in consultation with diverse people with lived-experience
  • planning initiatives that specifically address the points of exclusion in your organization
  • planning your streams of work based on the the 6 Pillars of an Inclusive Organization© 
  • planning activities that represent, celebrate, and include the 8 specific needs all people 
  • planning actions to address inclusion gaps identified in the data 
  • planning International days of celebration around and that support strategic inclusion initiatives.


About the Author

Dr Liz is the CEO and Co-founder of Include, a behavioural scientist and organisational transformation expert with a career focus on assisting businesses, teams and individuals to be the best they can be. Now known as ‘The Inclusionist’, Dr Liz is on a mission to create a world where everyone is included. Her innovative, yet pragmatic Include™ approach is creating a global movement of change through the organisations, governments, and institutions we all interact with daily.

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