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An inclusion and diversity expert in your pocket

From the CEO to the front line, everyone is included. 

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Everyone is included

Give everyone in your organization (or school, or hospital, or government department) the knowledge and tools they need to make inclusive decisions that positively impact your employees, your culture, your customers, and your bottom line. 

Include is a game changer!
Crysta Dungee
Head of Inclusion & Diversity Programs Startups at Amazon Web Services
Our world is going to be so much better for it
Corene Strauss
CEO Special Olympics Australia

9 out of 10 people
say they want to be inclusive.

While over 60% of people that want to be inclusive admit they don't know "how" to include others different from them.


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Everything you need to know to make inclusive decisions

Whether it’s how to be an ally, host an inclusive meeting, conduct an inclusive job interview, facilitate an inclusive design thinking workshop, identify inclusion barriers in your policies, procedures, and ways of working, measure and track inclusion, set up an inclusion working group, or anything in between… you can find what you need to know and how to do it quickly and easily via the Include™ chat or the Include™ Knowledge Centre.

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